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How do we respond to stress in our bodies

Releasing Emotional and Physical Patterns and Pains with Essential Oils.


Do you find yourself at the mercy of your emotions?

Is shifting out of a negative emotional state difficult? … Do you get pulled into the emotional vortex of those around you?

Emotions are like ocean waves-they ebb and flow. They are powerful and provide momentum initiating action. Most of us are aware of the negative side of an emotion, but rarely do we know the positive or other side, let alone how to access it. Emotions have a negative and positive polarity. Such as Anger-Joy. We need to be able to access both polarities of all of our emotions to be fully alive. Avoiding situations that could cause emotional pain limits our life experiences. What happens when we stuff negative emotions? They are held in the body and eventually produce physical  or emotional pain.

Essential Oils To Release Or Change Emotional Patterns.

Have you ever noticed how smells,like bread baking, can send you back to a childhood memory all the feelings associated with your favorite grandmother? Smell access the limbic system of the brain which is the seat of our emotions. Sesquiterpenes, found in high levels in essential oils such as Frankincense and Sandalwood, help to increase the oxygen in the limbic system of the brain which in turn “unlocks” the DNA and allows emotional baggage to be released from cellular memory. Emotions have been found to be encoded in the DNA of the cells. Passed from generation to generation. More recently, studies at New York University proved the amygdala gland {the gland in the limbic system of the brain that stores and releases trauma in the body} does not respond to sound or sight or touch, but ONLY releases emotional trauma through the sense of SMELL.

I Carolina , recently started offering Therapy using the highest, purest and most potent essential oils in the US, Young Living Oils, are by far the best i found. They have been around for 25 years . I am so happy to be working with these oils for my family and my clients. Aromatherapy and diffusing, topical and ingesting are some of the ways i incorporate this type of healing into my daily life and into my massage practice with the clients that choose to work with this type of assistance in the health and wellness path. Feel free to ask me how we can incorporate this healing to your treatment option, i consider myself more than a massage therapist with over 18 years of experience in the health and wellness industry,  i am a friendly coach to health and wellness using natural ways to get there.



Carolina Decalisto


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