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Kihei is beach-combing territory on Maui’s southwest shore – the sunniest and driest end of the island. Once a regular destination for sojourning Hawaiian royalty, Kihei features six miles of beaches which offer clear views of KahoolaweMolokiniLanai and West Maui.

Besides swimming with turtles and surfing a variety of breaks, you can also find great snorkelling and kayaking and may even spot a giant humpback whale spouting or breaching the ocean’s surface. There are endless activities available for all ages and interests and Maui is a fantastic island to visit regardless of the season. The weather is warm and the ocean temperature perfect to keep you cool and to hopefully have a chance to interact with some of the beautiful sea life.

The island of Maui is great to explore by car if you’re up for an adventure with a number of walking trails and even a mountain bike park. Watching the sunrise from Haleakalā is a remarkable experience and highly recommended. You’ll need to be up early to make the drive there in time but it’s certainly worth while.

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