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Sometimes is the smallest of muscles that can create the most severe types of pain. Some clients come to me and report that hip and leg pain is so severe that it has caused them to visit an emergency room, or their primary care physician. Various remedies were prescribed, including pain killers, but ultimately, they were still in pain and seeking relief. While the above symptoms could have numerous origins, lets take a lok at the gluteus minimus muscle, its myofascial trigger point patterns, a few manual therapy techniques and tips on self-care.

Clients often point out to having lower back or hip pain, as they point deep in the gluteal region, with referring pain down the lateral and posterior thigh and leg.

The gluteus minimus is the deepest of the three gluteal muscles, the smallest in length and lightest in weight. It attaches proximally to the external surface of the illium, and distally to the anterior surface of the greater trochanter of the femur.

When checking range of motion, Trigger Points in the gluteus minimus and medius muscles will restrict adduction of the thigh. Trigger point in the gluteus maximus will restrict hip flexion. Trigger Points in this areas should be treated and held for 30-60 sec, 2x. Shorten the muscle by externally rotating the femur and isolate the entire muscle. Then treat the muscle bellies and the attachments on the posterior surface of the illium. Apply cross fiber to the area. Continue treating around the greater trochanter, the tendons of the attachments of piriformis,gemeli superior and iferior, and quadratus femorus.

Pain its scary to clients and they fear it will never go away. Take the time to asses and educate clients before, during and after the therapy session. Give them tips on what they can do at home to take care of this and to prevent from happening in the future, such as Yoga Stretches.


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