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Couples Massage Services In Maui

Massage Maui Style offers couples massages at the comfort of your vacation home or hotel room. We also offer couples massages at a beach site in Kihei . South Side of Maui .  We have trustworthy, skilled and compassionate massage therapists that truly care about each client and their experience.. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing relaxation massage, an in-depth Deep tissue massage, a caring Lomi Lomi, or couples massage Maui, we are the best massage services provider in Maui. We offer a full body massage with a mini-facials which is a pampering service to the face. The treatment is 90 minutes and it also includes a scalp massage. Because touch is a necessity, not a luxury, Massage Maui Style will deliver the stress alleviation you require.

We Provide Couple Massage Services

You’ve been missing out on one of the most enjoyable and memorable Massage experiences available if you’ve never had a couple’s massage. Sharing such a pleasant and unforgettable time with your loved one allows you to connect and bond in a unique and important way.

A couple’s massage is similar to any other massage, except that it is given to you and your spouse at the same time, on separate tables, by two distinct massage therapists.

During A Couples Massage, What To Expect From Massage Maui Style

A couples massage involves massaging two people in the same room at the same time. You are, however, each lying on your own massage table, side by side. One massage therapist is working on you, and the other is working on your spouse.

The massage therapists will accompany you to the massage room, show you where to put your clothing, and then leave you to get undressed (to your comfort level) and slide under the sheet on the table for a few minutes. You can undress together in the room for a couple’s massage or take turns if that seems more comfortable.

The massage therapists will re-enter the room once both of you are comfortably positioned beneath the blankets. The work of the two therapists is coordinated so that they start and finish at the same time.

The therapist will pull back the cover during the massage to reveal the area of your body being worked on. You will never be completely exposed on the table.

When the massages are finished, the therapists exit the room, giving you and your companion time to change.

Couples massage is a terrific method to bond as a couple. It saves time and prevents the dreaded “who gets to get massaged first?” conflict.

Benefits of a Couples Massage

There are numerous advantages to couples massage Maui in general, as detailed in our page the advantages of massage.

Couples massage can create a space for you and your spouse to bond and relax together, in addition to being calming, enhancing sleep, and lowering stress. It can be a one-of-a-kind experience to share, and you’ll both feel more connected and closer as a result.

During a massage, your body produces oxytocin, which makes you feel good. Because it is released when people snuggle or bond socially, oxytocin is known as the “cuddle hormone” or “love hormone.” Love is literally in the air during a couples massage.

Couples Massage Etiquette

Talking– During a couple massage, it is totally acceptable to converse with one another. If you like, you can also speak with the massage professionals. Some people choose not to talk during a massage in order to focus on connecting with their bodies and the work that is being done. Others might rather have a casual talk. We recommend that you discuss your preferences as a couple before the massage so that you both know what to expect.

Sleeping– During a massage, it is not uncommon for people to fall asleep. If your companion falls asleep, don’t be surprised or upset. The massage is doing its job and allowing you to relax.

Massage Intensity– If you want more or less pressure, tell your massage therapist. Also, if there are any areas you want them to focus on or be aware of.

Intimacy– While a couples massage might set the tone for a romantic evening, it is not suitable to engage in sexual activity in the massage room during or after the session. Please respect the time and schedule of the massage providers. Many couples choose to have a couples massage at home so that they may relax completely and enjoy their time together in peace afterward.